These pages contain photographs of gravesites of individuals associated with families documented in the eAlgood website. Most are direct family members, while there are a few that are not related, but are friends and/or acquaintances of family members.

Through the panel on the left of the screen, the option is available to search by individual, cemetery, or by County/State.

Also, once an individual's gravesite is displayed, the option is available to click on the cemetery name under the picture. This will bring up a listing of individuals buried in the same cemetery.

If an or is displayed next to the cemetery name, then the / can be "clicked" to show a map of the location of the cemetery.

This site continues to grow as we can make our way to different cemeteries. Of course, we welcome any contributions you may provide.

When submitting a picture, please include the following information:

Complete name - use maiden name if married woman
Spouse(s) - if applicable
Birth and Death dates - if known
Cemetery Name
County and State where cemetery is located
Name of nearest town/city

Please send photographs with the information above to