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Angelie Owens (Angowe83@gmail.com)
Date:Thu 08 Oct 2015 03:06:07 AM EDT
Subject:Updates 14, 15 %26 16th Generations


I am Angelie Michelle Owens (Spragg) - generation 15 and I can provide you some corrections and updates to generations 14, 15 %26 16 - if interested.



Laura Breazeale Morgan (lmorgan0220@yahoo.com )
Date:Sun 26 Jul 2015 04:32:31 PM EDT
Subject:Hi just found this site %26 hope it's active!

Clicked a link from Facebook Breazeale Kin in America and found my grandfather's name and my father's. Now I'm wondering how to edit or amend some information.


Curtis Paul Robinson (robicurp@cox.net)
Date:Sun 31 May 2015 10:14:41 PM EDT
Subject:Checking out some of my relatives

Some of my family tree is present on this Algood web site. (Boyd, Robinson)
Just checking it out


Carolyn Ruth Wood Price (dcprice12@yahoo.com)
Date:Thu 09 Apr 2015 01:05:38 PM EDT
Subject:Direct descendant of William Leander Wood

I am the great granddaughter of William Leander Wood. I have just now discovered your website. The picture that you have on the website of William Leander, Sarah, Benjamin Franklin, Henry and Millie Wood originated from my family. Imagine how surprised and excited I was to see this picture on the internet. I have more pictures and am looking for more pictures of the Wood Family. Please contact me at this email address.

Thank You
Carolyn Ruth Wood Price


Barry Breazeale (bdbreazy@sbcglobal.net@)
Date:Wed 11 Mar 2015 06:41:25 PM EDT
Subject:trying to find Toad %26 Harold Breazeale brothers in the Grants Pass area of Oregon

Toad %26 Harold Breazeale brothers in the Grants Pass area of Oregon


Sandra J Breazeale Luck (breazy7363@yahoo.com)
Date:Sat 21 Feb 2015 12:45:07 PM EST
Subject:interesting website

Just wanted to say hello. My Dad was Lloyd B Breazeale born is Ava Missouri.


klrobinett (klrobinett@gmail.com)
Date:Fri 19 Sep 2014 04:50:46 PM EDT
Subject:erroneous information

I would like to provide correct information on entries about Joyce Conners Bissey and Larry Paul Bissey, as what is on ealgood.com has erroneous and mis-leading information. Larry was married only briefly to Joyce. I understand that she did not remarry (but a statement is made to that effect on the ealgood.com website). Joyce reportedly lived with Paul Moats much of her life, and NONE of Joyce's children (by surname Bissey) belonged to Larry Bissey. The children have the Bissey surname because their mother did not remarry. I am requesting that you remove all information about Larry Paul Bissey from Joyce Conner Bissey's genealogy. I am related to Larry's second wife to whom he was married in 1962 until his death in 2004. Thank you for attending to this information to make the genealogy accurate. Please contact me if you have questions.


Nancy Hansen (nhansen57@yahoo.com)
Date:Mon 20 Jan 2014 11:21:24 PM EST
Subject:Just looking for relatives of Clinton Briggs Allgood

Nice website.


Veronica Josephine Bohan(Algood) (@vyolyt1999@yahoo.com)
Date:Sat 21 Dec 2013 03:02:13 PM EST
Subject:Corrections! (http://ealgood.com/family/a423/i0045435.htm)

Billy Jason Algood and Debra Henninger had David Wyatt Algood

Billy Jason Algood and Sharon Beasley had Lucas Alvin Algood and Zechariah Jason Algood

Billy Jason Algood and Kathy Marie Malicoat had Veronica Josephine Algood.

I just noticed these needed more detail to them and some touching up! Can you please fix this page? Luke is married to Tracie Hoppie and Zech is married to Erin Evans. I will try to get them to send more information on this!


christopher warren watkins (chriswatkins2316@gmail.com)
Date:Tue 10 Sep 2013 06:59:11 PM EDT
Subject:My piece of family

I had no idea my family went back this far and I do believe that i am a 13th generation of the Algood family bloodline. For the record I have one child by the name of Lily-Ann Anita Watkins, Daughter of myself and Tamara L. Cook


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