Wood Familiy

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4. Peter Wood (James1) was born in 1778 in North Carolina.

Peter married Elizabeth (Betsey) about 1809. Elizabeth was born in 1780 in North Carolina.

Children from this marriage were:

   13 M    i. Hexly Wood was born in 1810 in Kentucky.

+ 14 M    ii. James Wood was born in 1811 and died before 1875.

   15 M    iii. William H. Wood was born in 1814 in Kentucky and died on 18 Aug 1869 in Pinewood, Hickman, Tennessee, United States at age 55.

+ 16 M    iv. George W. Wood was born in 1821 in Tennessee.

6. Brewer Wood (James1) was born in 1782, died before 5 Nov 1827 in Logan, KY, and was buried in Wood Cemetery, Logan, Kentucky, United States.2

General Notes: Brewer Wood died the latter part of 1827 and is buried in the Wood Cemetery in Logan County, Kentucky. His estate was settled November 5, 1827 with Rebecca Wood, wife, the administratrix. The attorney was Harris D. Wood. Another Wood married the sister of Rebecca Dulin, so Harris D. Wood could have been the son, brother, nephew, or cousin of said Brewer Wood. The records of Logan County, Kentucky showed that this Wood who married the sister of Rebecca Dulin was from Massachusetts. Rebecca Dulin Wood signed some of the administration papers at the home of her one of her sons, Perry G. Wood, in Green County, Illinois, but she was present in Russelville, Kentucky when the estate was finally settled. She (Rebecca) had a daughter, name unknown, and a son named John Wood who lived in Coyell County, Texas, raised a family, died and is buried there. Said John Wood would be a brother of Mathew J. Wood. The record does not show who were the heirs of Brewer Wood.

Brewer married Hicksey Blanchard on 12 Nov 1804 in Logan, KY.

Children from this marriage were:

   17 M    i. James Wood was born in 1805.

   18 F    ii. Lucy Wood was born in 1806.

Lucy married John F. Brooks on 7 Aug 1842 in Logan, KY.

   19 F    iii. Holly Wood was born in 1808.

Holly married John Martin.

Brewer next married Rebecca Dulan on 5 Jun 1809 in Logan, KY. Rebecca was born in 1790 and died in 1860 at age 70.

Noted events in her life were:

1. Resided: Resided, 8 Jun 1854, , Greene, Illinois, United States.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 20 M    i. Perry G. Wood was born in 1810 in Kentucky.

   21 M    ii. John R. Wood was born in 1812 and died in , Conyell, Texas, United States.

+ 22 F    iii. Nancy Wood was born in 1814 and died in 1854 at age 40.

+ 23 M    iv. Matthew J. Wood was born on 3 Feb 1816 in Russelville, Logan, Kentucky, United States, died on 12 Apr 1886 in Plattsburg, Winston, Mississippi, United States at age 70, and was buried in Wood Cemetery, Winston, Mississippi, United States.

+ 24 M    v. Harris D. Wood was born in 1820.

+ 25 M    vi. Brewer A. Wood Jr. was born in 1825 in Kentucky.

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