Wood Family

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1. James Wood was born in 1750 in Logan, KY and died in Sep 1802 in Logan, Logan, Arkansas, United States1 at age 52.

General Notes: James Wood must have been a Revolutionary War veteran because the area where he lived was an area set aside when Logan County was first formed for Revolutionary War veterans or their heirs. James had land there and the sons inherited the land from him.

James married Luccea Tandy. Luccea was born in 1756.

Children from this marriage were:

   2 F    i. Janney Wood .

   3 M    ii. Thomas Wood was born in 1776.

+ 4 M    iii. Peter Wood was born in 1778 in North Carolina.

   5 F    iv. Sarah Wood was born in 1780.

+ 6 M    v. Brewer Wood was born in 1782, died before 5 Nov 1827 in Logan, KY, and was buried in Wood Cemetery, Logan, Kentucky, United States.2

   7 F    vi. Margaret Wood was born in 1784.

   8 M    vii. Bartholomew Wood was born in 1786.

   9 M    viii. William Wood was born in 1788.

William married Sarah Dulan on 2 Jun 1810 in Logan, KY.

   10 F    ix. Prudence Wood was born in 1789.

   11 F    x. Elizabeth Wood was born in 1791.

   12 F    xi. Sally Wood was born in 1795.

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