Algood Family

2469. Vivian Valois9 McGuire (California (Callie) Florence8 Allgood, Clay Dean7, Varney Edward6, Edward5, William4 Algood, Edward3 Allgood, William2, Edward1 Algood) was born in Poland, Buena Vista Co., IA August 26, 1913. Vivian died September 10, 1968.

She married twice. She married George Ahren. George was born 1916 in Poland, Buena Vista Co., IA. George was the son of George Arthur Ahren and Theresa L McDermitt. She married Henry C Kaprolat. Henry was born 1902 in Prussia. Henry died January 23, 1955 in Poland, Buena Vista Co., IA.

Vivian Valois McGuire and George Ahren had the following child:

7138 i. Sandra Ann10 Ahren was born 1939.

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